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Triffid Roots: Tuxedo Kitten and Jack Tully (Presented By Sarah Howells)

February 28, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

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*Our Beer Garden is open for food and drinks from 12noon*

Presented by Sarah Howells (Roots N’ All)

Kick back with a cold beer every Sunday afternoon as Triffid Roots—presented by Sarah Howells (Roots N’ All)—takes over the venue and beer garden to bring you the best of Brisbane and Australia’s blues, roots, folk, contemporary jazz, soul, reggae and world music.


Tuxedo Kitten

Tuxedo Kitten is the cat’s meow; a duo offering a feast of music, movement and colour in a joyful expression of folk culture. One half of the duo is John Meyer, former singer of internationally acclaimed folk monstrosity The Good Ship who called it a day. The other half is renowned vocalist and dancer, Bertie Page, known for her striking, deep vocal tones and ability to traverse folk, jazz and classical singing techniques. Tuxedo Kitten have performed all over Australia as well as France and Japan, and are currently recording their debut album.

Facebook: Tuxedo Kitten

Jack Tully

On a journey that began in a solar-powered shack in Nowhere, NSW, with a soundtrack of old bluesmen (Neil Young and Lou Reed), Jack Tully has made pitstops in strange places. What remains after the rest has fallen away is a map that visits alt-country and Americana, sprawling and rollicking rock ‘n’ roll, and experimental, ethereal sounds from somewhere else altogether.

Grounded in places and our human connections to them, lyrics draw imagery of things gone-but-not-forgotten, and spacious, guitar-driven offerings are a patchwork of the soul with each creating a moment and a feeling unto itself.

This is not the first musical incarnation for Jack Tully. However, after tragic circumstances unfolded unexpectedly and quieted his guitar for a time, music provided a vehicle to write his way back into the light, and launched Jack Tully into a new phase of songwriting. This round of offerings is a far more personal, honest and stripped-back approach that whittles things down to their core.

And this is where he has arrived: in a place that is about the songs and their poetic story, captured and presented with rampant charm and a calm dark repose. Living with guitar in hand and grabbing hold of songs as they pass on through, Jack Tully is life as music and music as life.

Website: Jack Tully
Facebook: Jack Tully

February 28, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

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*Our Beer Garden is open for food and drinks from 12noon*