Wheelchair Access

The Triffid has wheelchair access at street level. There are no steps at the entrance of the building so patrons in wheelchairs have full access to the ground floor of the building, which includes the Beer Garden, Live Room and wheelchair amenities. Please contact prior to the show to arrange priority wheelchair entry.

Please note, The Triffid also has a mezzanine level that overlooks the Live Room, however, this is only accessible by stairs (there is no lift).

The Triffid doesn’t have its own car park on premises, so those looking for wheelchair parking will need to park on the street in the surrounding area utilising Brisbane City Council’s metered parking areas. All surrounding streets have signed spaces, just make sure you pay close attention to the signage. You are, however, welcome to use the loading zone area out the front of the Venue to unload.

Companion Cards

The Triffid accepts companion cards please contact to arrange a companion card ticket prior to the event date. On the show day simply bring and show the companion card when your tickets are scanned.


Shows at the Triffid are usually general admission standing. If you are unable to stand for extended periods of time a chair can be provided for you. Please contact to arrange a seat and priority access.

The Triffid Live Room has two main areas, The Main Room, and The Mezzanine. The Main room is accessible at street level however is a flat, un-raked floor, while we try out best we cannot always guarantee sightlines. The Mezzanine level overlooks the live room and has better line of sight for seated patrons however is only accessible via stairs (there is no lift). Please advise which option is best suited to your level of mobility upon inquiry.

Low Lighting and Strobe Lighting

Please note there is low lighting in the Live Room as it is a requirement for live shows. If you have low vision and need assistance, please let us know.

Please contact the Venue at if you have any concerns around strobe or flashing lighting for a show you are attending. While we make every effort to ensure that there is signage for any shows including strobe this may not always be possible.

Support Animals and Guide Dogs

The Triffid welcomes Support and Assistance animals. Please contact prior to the show so that we can arrange priority entry, and a reserved space if you would like it. However, please be aware that The Triffid is a noisy and busy environment. If possible, you may want to consider and alternative aid when attending a show.


There are 2 sets of male/female bathrooms located at the Triffid, one set in the Live Room sound lock and the other at the rear of the Beer Garden. Please note the Beer Garden toilets are located up a short (3 step) set of stairs.

There is an Accessible, Gender-Neutral toilet located in the main foyer next to the ticket desk. Please use the bathroom that is the most suitable for you when you visit the Triffid.

Quiet Spaces

If you are experiencing sensory issues, please contact a friendly member of our team and we will assist you in finding a suitable space to decompress. Generally, our mezzanine level provides a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the crowd on the main floor however due to the nature of the Venue and Live Events this is not always the case.

Have another question?

Need something else? Our staff are always happy to assist, please contact with any additional needs or speak to venue staff upon arrival to let us know how we can help!

what are your policies?

The Triffid is an inclusive and fun place for all guests. Somewhere you can chill out, relax, have a bevvy, hang with your doggo, and see live music – so we ask that you respect other guests and staff at all times. In other words, don’t be a dickhead.

Physical or verbal aggression will not be tolerated and result in an immediate removal from The Triffid. This includes unwanted sexual attention, behaviour or assault. If at any time you feel uncomfortable at The Triffid please approach our friendly bar staff.

Dress code
Please dress appropriately to enter The Triffid.  The dress standard may vary from day to day, but you can be pretty sure that if you try to get in wearing Crocs you won’t meet the dress code.

We don’t support any of the collared shirt, dress shoe rubbish. Wear whatever you want just make sure you’re wearing clothes (Nobody wants to see that Barry) and enclosed shoes and you’re sweet.

Right to refuse entry
The Triffid management and/or security reserve the right at their sole discretion to either refuse entry, request patrons to leave the premises or refuse service of alcohol should patrons not comply with The Triffid policies.

The world’s alcohol supplies aren’t drying up—so don’t act like they are. Drink responsibly.