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March 15, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

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 “A Run With The Hunted”

James Bennett was born at Byron Bay Hospital in 1992. At the tender age of 6
months James father decided to move the family (James, Mum and his 3 siblings 2
brothers and a sister) deep into the remote mountainous wilderness of the rain
forest hinterland of far Northern NSW,Australia.

They set up makeshift camp 80kms (50 miles) outside the nearest town
Lismore.Here the Bennett’s lived a solitary existence off the grid no contact with
civilisation in total isolation for the next 14 years.

Their ramshackle dwelling was a corrugated iron shack an abode hacked out of
bush with bare hands they bathed in a nearby creek grew assorted vegetables and
lived off the land.James during his 14 years in exile miraculously survived two
potentially fatal snakebites,malaria and dysentery.James an outcast had never
watched TV there was no cell phone,radio,zero access to the outside world.James
and his brothers and sisters were taught to read and write by their mother, educated alone in the bush.

James first contact with the outside world was when 10 years old while his father
was making a rare visit to a distant growers market James secretly managed to
hook up a truck battery to a 12 volt amp on a old black and white TV foraged from
an abandoned homestead.James and his siblings first introduction to the outside
world was a grainy frosted image of Homer J Simpson patriarch of the Simpsons TV
show.This event was soon followed by a chance meeting with a hiker who played
Bob Dylan on his headphones.

In the blazing Summer of 2005 immersed in the oppressive equatorial type heat and humidity of the forest with the camp now over run with giant rats and nests of snakes,James mother dishevelled and desperate made a break for civilisation
fleeing with her children to the safety of Mid North Coast town of Port Macquarie

As James and his family began transitioning into their new lives, adjusting proved a
struggle for James and his siblings.James sheltered life left him disconnected and
confused a victim of incomprehensible events.Now a teenager concealing deep
psychological wounds James set about with his trademark intensity of having
survived one wilderness to coping with a new equally confronting environment.

James loaded with gentleness and goodwill eventually made friends,learnt to
socialise and play guitar he also began to surf.James awkwardness was masked by
his love of the ocean and although emotionally fragile he gradually reentered
society. James then set about pouring his creative energies into writing the
soundtrack to his life.A naturally gifted vocalist James is a self taught virtuoso
guitar player and a mesmerising lyricist.James also has been offered full
sponsorship as a professional surfer. It’s through his music James documents his
significant burden a wellspring of deep introspection balanced with a starry eyed

 James Bennett’s Self Titled Debut Album is available now.

March 15, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

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***The beergarden opens at midday. Mates Dates: 2 Burgers & 2 Beers for $25 – From 5pm on Wednesday***