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August 27, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

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Our Beer Garden is open for food and drinks from 12noon.

Every Sunday lovers of Folk, Country, Rhythm & Blues, Blues and Rock and Roll will be presented with some of the most respected artists around. This will all be happening in relaxed surrounds of the Triffid garden with a brand new menu for the foodies and plenty of other musical and beverage surprises.



“There’s a vulnerability and an intimacy heard on record that is undeniable”
– The AU Review

“The start of a new and exciting chapter in the life of one of australia’s most loved songwriters” – Rhythms

“Lane pared back his songs and with Holton’s assistance, crafted the intimate songs that populate revenge of the lawn’s track list” – The Music

Steve Lane is a lifer, he’s been written songs as playing in bands since he was legally able to enter the pub. His debut solo album The Revenge Of The Lawn is a culmination of some great and some shit life experiences shared with band mates and long time collaborators.

Steve’s songs come from the great Australian tradition of lyricists like Paul Kelly andCourtney Barnett.  These songs have been co-written with acclaimed Australian poetJohn Holton and recorded with David Williams from Augie March on drums, Jacob McGuffie and Steve on guitars and his son Kai Lane-U’Ren playing the Bass.

Officially bringing his good friend and well respected poet John Holton into the creative process was a natural step for Steve, continuing a lyrical collaboration the two have been working on for many years. Holton is the author of more than a dozen publications, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry titles. He has worked as a journalist, copywriter, freelance writer and senior editor, and is currently a communications manager across a wide range of media. John’s interest in music dates back to his teens, when he first started collecting records and attending live gigs across a broad range of genres.

“John has given me many of his poems. Sometimes the words will inspire an emotion and a piece of music will follow. Other times, I have written a piece of music for which I have no initial lyrics and I’ll read a few until one sticks. His words are phrased like songs and it doesn’t take much to manipulate them into the song. In many cases, I then just write my emotional reaction to the words … it may be a slightly different viewpoint or a different way of seeing. There is an amazing level of trust between us. I’ll offer my edits and additions to him to reject or edit as he sees fit. Amazingly, he’s never done any of that. We see things so similarly and I don’t take that lightly at all. On many occasions, we’ve noted that we can’t remember who wrote what and the truth is neither of us cares. it’s all in service of the creative process the song. We just happen to see the world in a very similar way.”  – Steve Lane

Steve’s solo career started with a bang signing recording and publishing deals with ABC Music upon release of his debut album under the name Steve Lane And The Autocrats. This album was also selected as a contender for the Australian Music Prize.

2015 saw Steve showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto and make the kind of connections that will see his career traverse both Australia and Canada from here on in.

The last few years have challenged Steve to the core with the loss of both of his parents.  This loss has informed the heart of the songs on The Revenge Of The Lawn but has not left them without hope.

He worked on his songs over the course of two years, stripping them back, letting them breathe and dictate the way they should be realised. After a long process he managed to take his head out of the equation and just use his heart. This was a turning point and the start of a new direction.

Steve Lane symbolised his artistic rejuvenation by removing “The Autocrats” from his band name and releasing his debut single “There Is Light” in April under the new moniker. An intimate affair, the single features just two guitars and two voices.

“I planned to have the album out and ready to go, but it seems the music, and life, had other ideas. It felt like the balance was all wrong and the fun had gone out of it. I set out with the goal of producing an album that was of international standard in terms of song writing and production. I wanted to push myself, but I was exhausted. I was overthinking everything and not in a good space. I had to find the right space in my life to do justice to the songs and get the performances right. I definitely did not need a deadline. So I decided to take a different approach and put everything on hold”. – Steve Lane

“For me, The Revenge of the Lawn is an allegory on love in all its many forms and absurdities. Love between people – love of place – love as an ideal – love as an absolute – love as motivation – all wrapped up in the day-to-day narratives of our existence. The small moments of extraordinary-ness amidst the ordinary.” –  John Holton

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August 27, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

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Our Beer Garden is open for food and drinks from 12noon.