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Sat Feb 15 @ 8:00 pm

Looking for the most original way to show that special person how much you care about him or her?

Then you have found the best way! Take him or her to Lucha Fantastica’s:


Expect an amazing battle between the forces of love and evil with a great match featuring one of our greatest stars:


Who will he be fighting against…?
Drink Tequila, have a laugh, yell to your favourite luchador and share a beautiful evening with that special person and bring your amigos as well!

Expect as always:

• Mexican folklore!
Luchadores and Enmascarados (masked wrestlers) doing a combination of sport, entertainment and dramatic storytelling all rolled up into a flamboyant display, wild and highly flying insanity.

• A combination of various fighting techniques like wrestling, judo, jujitsu, grappling, kickboxing and boxing. It is a mixture of all these combat art forms blended with the elements of soap opera, dramatic storytelling, physical comedy, incredible athletics, suspense and intrigue.

• Expect the ‘Mini’ wrestlers to be in the corners of the ring supporting the Luchadores!

• Expect ‘Dos de Tres Caidas’ (2 out of 3 falls), ‘suicidas’ (suicide moves), ‘desnucadoras’ (power bombs), ‘patadas voladoras’ (flying kicks), ‘filomenas’ (spin kicks), ‘quebradoras’ (spinning back breaker), ‘tapatias’, ‘huracarranas’ and ‘manita de puerco’!

• Expect Mariachis giving seranata to you and that special person (Real one, Si!)

Lucha Libre in Australia… ‘Una fiesta y no ching*deras!’

The Triffid will be transformed into a Mexican Arena for this Show!

Sat Feb 15 @ 8:00 pm