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Lagerfest w/ Lagerstein, Osaka Punch, Rainbowdragoneyes, Laced In Lust, Flangipanis, Weightless In Orbit, Dragonsmead, Valhalore, and Skeleton Quay

February 6, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

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*Our Beer Garden is open for food and drinks from 12noon*



A day purely about the love of partying, rocking, feasting and having a jolly good time boozing the day and night away!

The Triffid are opening up its doors to host the party of the year! There will be live music, merch stands, side show alley games, prize packs and plenty of drunken shenanigans to be had.

Doors and kegs will be cracked at 2pm and we will be partying until late!


LAGERSTEIN (10:00pm–11:30pm)

Brisbane prepare yourselves… You will be taken on the greatest piratical journey the world has ever seen! Bringing you a full headline set jam packed with sea shanties galore, this will be the party of your lifetime. The success of “DRINK ‘TIL WE DIE” has taken LAGERSTEIN across 13 countries but their adventure all began in their home town, Brisbane. Now three years later LAGERSTEIN are proud to unleash “ALL FOR RUM & RUM FOR ALL” back in their home port. This next album is going to take the Lagercrew back to the skies to continue their never ending party. Bring your green hat, bring your right shoe, it’s PARTY TIMES AHOY!!!

Website: Lagerstein
Facebook: Lagerstein

OSAKA PUNCH (8:50pm–9:35pm)

The Boys are Back! OSAKA PUNCH progged off to the UK and are now back ready to boogie around Australia again. If you haven’t seen these guys before then you are in for a fantastic treat. You will witness a high-energy live performance showcasing the group’s ability to straddle any genre from authentic old-school funk to extreme modern metal. The musicianship and quality catchy tunes will have you ready to dance your little butt off.

Facebook: Osaka Punch


ONE. MAN. PARTY. – LET ME SEE YOUR HOOK as RAINBOWDRAGONEYES makes his way Down Under for the first time. If you crossed tetris and metal you’d get party. He has conquered the UK and crushed the USA, after this show you too will have a new hero. Keep an eye for the 8 BIT CIRCLE PIT.


Laced In Lust (SA) (6:50pm–7:30pm)

Straight off the Sunset Strip of Radelaide, LACED IN LUST are here to bring the Rock n Roll. Led by Super Saiyan frontman Torsten Steel, these 4 piece rock gods are here to drink all your drinks and take home your women. Full of sexy sing a longs, and catchy guitars, get ready to rock!

Facebook: Laced In Lust

Flangipanis (5:55pm–6:30pm)

Brisbane Punk Royalty. This dudette and dudes know how to party. Formed in 2008 the FLANGIPANIS have been flying the party punk flag throughout Australia. With classics like “I’m Drunk, So What, Fuck You” and “I wanna **** you in the Mouth” you know you are in for a good time. Party!

Facebook: Flangipanis

Weightless In Orbit (5:00pm–5:35pm)

Set your bearings to space cause you are about to take flight on an astronomical cosmic journey with WEIGHTLESS IN ORBIT. These guys are freaks. They’ll take you from shred, through to the most delicious clean sections, and then drift you away toward the crushing force of a black hole in a breathtaking display of post rock virtuosity.

Facebook: Weightless In Orbit

Dragonsmead (4:10pm–4:40pm)

Have you seen Bahumet’s Booze? Join DRAGONSMEAD as they ride the waves and cross the seas to battle Poseidon and his underwater minions. DRAGONS, METAL & BOOZE ensues as DRAGONSMEAD sing drunken songs of bloodshed and Mead! Featuring members from Brisbane Classic Bands such as Before Nightfall, Born From The Ashes, Malakyte, Kaerulean and Elkenwood.

Facebook: Dragonsmead

Valhalore (3:20pm – 3:50pm)

WARRIORS! Time for epic battles! VALHALORE awaits, armed with shredding guitars and fierce war cries. Follow them across the frozen ocean and raise your sword to the sky. If you are a fan of folk metal of the likes of Wintersun, Ensiferum and Amon Amarth then you will love this band. Have a listen to their self titled debut EP and learn their songs. They have one request…Bring your drinking horn and prepare for epic battles!!

Facebook: Valhalore

Skeleton Quay (2:30pm – 3:00pm)

Pirates Ahoy! Get ready to fill your quarts for the acoustic pirate quartet SKELETON QUAY. These pirates and wench will have you swigging, jigging and digging their accordion, double bass, doumbek, mandonlin, banjo and whistle soaked sounds. Get down early, you know you’re going have some fun with some rum, rum, rum in your tum, tum, tum!

Facebook: Skeleton Quay

February 6, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

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*Our Beer Garden is open for food and drinks from 12noon*