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Judas Priestess

The world’s only all female tribute to Judas Priest heads down under for the first time ever! 

There are not many tribute band vocalists who can boast featuring on a track with, as well as being endorsed by, the lead singer of the band being paid tribute to.

One vocalist who can claim that ultimate seal of approval is Militia Vox, lead singer with New York band, Judas Priestess, the world’s only all-female tribute to Judas Priest.

The lead singer in question? That would be none other than the Metal God himself, Rob Halford of Judas Priest. Such is the power of MIlitia’s voice and the outstanding talent of the band with Halford calling them, “brilliant”.

Australia can now experience the electrifying power of Judas Priest like never before as Judas Priestess, the world’s only all-female tribute to Judas Priest, announce their first-ever tour of Australia this August!

This groundbreaking band is known for their authentic and high energy performances and  are set to deliver a show that fans will not only never forget but one that celebrates the entire 50 year legacy of Judas Priest.

From the iconic riffs of “Breaking the Law” to the anthemic “Living After Midnight” and the sheer power of “Painkiller”, this all-female powerhouse will transport you through the decades of Judas Priest’s greatest hits. Their live show reviews speak for themselves with both members of Judas Priest/Halford as well as the media singing the bands praises:

“[They are] Brilliant. Thanks for everything you do for metal with Judas Priestess” – Rob Halford

“Metal’s Top Female Tribute”. – KK Downing’s (Judas Priest guitarist) Steel Mill

“More fun seeing your show than most” – Metal Mike (Halford guitarist)

“Metal Goddesses, drawing crowds larger than many established national acts” –

“Face melting live performances” – Guitar World

“Killing Machines” – New York Press


This is a show not to be missed by any legitimate rock & metal fan!

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