Greatest Hits Tour 2024

  • 18+
  • Licensed
  • Selling Fast
  • Thu22 Aug
Electric Six

The disco-punk band at the end of the world, ELECTRIC SIX return after a completely Sold Out tour in 2023.

An ELECTRIC SIX show is a concert, a theatrical experience and an art exhibit. It will be the ultimate audio-visual extravaganza as they power through their Greatest Hits including such tunes as ‘Danger! High Voltage’, ‘Gay Bar’, ‘Dance Commander’, Synthesizer’, ‘Down at McDonaldz’, ‘I Buy The Drugs’ and more.

Renowned for their dynamic live shows and eclectic musical style, ELECTRIC SIX seem to have something for everyone: the funky popping rhythms and falsetto vocals of disco combined with dirty rock guitar, catchy melodic hooks and a maverick attitude channeled through provocative lyrics about the seedier side of life. It’s not that serious or deeply meaningful, but it sure is a lot of fun! With a discography spanning almost three decades, the band continues to captivate audiences with their genre-defying music and infectious passion.

Trashy, disco fun is what Electric Six are made of. Join them as they dazzle you with their Greatest Hits for a night that you wont forget anytime soon

“Gay Bar starts and the packed crowd at the front explodes into a mosh pit. I haven’t been in a pit in ages, but the riff and nostalgia of the song takes over. What a song. What a bar”

“A raucous and eclectic crowd were in the mood to party… and there wasn’t a soul in the place who left without a huge smile, such is the effect of Electric Six” (The Razors Edge)

“One of the best shows I have seen” (HiFi Way Live)

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