Welcome to the Triffid

7 October 2014 | Blog

I felt that Brisbane needed a venue around this size (800 capacity), as well as a place with a chilled out beer garden. I wanted going out to see live music to be a good night out in one place, rather than just popping in to to see a band. So I’ve worked hard to make the beer garden as equally friendly as the inclusive live music space. I want locals to feel like it’s their own backyard.

Having spent twenty-five years as a touring musician in Powderfinger, it was really important for me to build a venue that was not only somewhere that punters looked forward to coming to, but a space that bands enjoy playing at as well. I know the importance of having a room that sounds good, and that has been a major focus for me.

From October 30 – November 1 we will be hosting some of great local talent with our Triffid Seeds program. I know how important it was for Powderfinger in our early days to have access to quality venues to play at, and I want continue to offer the young bands of Brisbane that same opportunity. It’s free, so we are welcoming all and sundry to come down and see the venue, have a drink in the beer garden, and see some quality live acts.

I know I am very much looking forward to our launch party on Saturday, November 8, with Melbourne band Saskwatch, as well as The Creases and MT Warning. I saw Saskwatch at Splendour in The Grass, and more recently BigSound, and was blown away by their world-class energy and how much fun they are on stage. I’m pumped about having their full brass band live on stage to officially launch the Triffid.

It’s been a labour of love. I hope you enjoy the Triffid experience.