17 April 2019 | Blog

April 17 – April 23

Cayucas, the Santa Monica based indie-pop creation of twin brothers Zach and Ben Yudin, have released an animated video by Sean Solomon to accompany their single, “Jessica WJ” on March 16th, 2019. Their soon to be released album Real Life, includes previously released songs “Jessica WJ” and “Winter of ‘98” is set for release on April 19th via Park The Van Records.

Nostalgia is a concept that will always be a huge part of Cayucas’s music, and the songs on Real Life are no different. Guitarist Ben Yudin states, “Looking back is on one of our favorite things to talk about. We’re just fascinated by the constant evolution of people, friends from high school and college. It makes for great lyrics and subject matter.” As for the album’s title song, Real Life is a nod to both the nostalgia the brothers obsess over as well as the positive thinking they embraced during the album’s beginnings. It’s a sentiment that hasn’t left Zach Yudin’s heart of hearts, and one that he shares dearly with his twin brother. For Cayucas, a full embrace of optimism, the joy of creating, and a fresh start has gotten them this far and promises to carry them even farther.