6 June 2018 | Blog

June 6 – June 12

The Ramona Flowers have just released Strangerstheir new album out on Distiller Records. The lead single “Ghost” was a song simply written about “a ghost you can’t get rid off” as described by singer Steve Bird.

Recorded at The Distillery in Bath with esteemed producer Chris Zane (Bat For Lashes, Friendly Fires, Passion Pit), Strangers is the culmination of The Ramona Flowers’ journey to perfect the balance between rock and electronica. Seamlessly meshing contemporary influences with timelessly anthemic melodies, the 11-track collection hits a euphonic sweet spot reminiscent of M83, Phoenix and Everything Everything. 

“For the whole album we were lyrically influenced by relationships within the band and life and things that have happened with friends and family. Musically we were influenced by bands like Phoenix, M83, Everything Everything, Bombay Bicycle Club, but we use a lot of 80’s synths, and have definitely been inspired by movies from our childhoods. We’ve always been into that 80’s cinematic sound.” – Steve Bird

Inspired in part by the band’s time on the road and the people they met, from LA to New York to Tokyo, Strangers is a study of the human condition. Exploring romantic visions of the future on ‘Venice’, sombre reflections of society on ‘Same Sun’ and empathetic tales of modern relationships on the title track, the album’s lyrics paint an intricate portrait of the world we live in.

The follow-up to their first two albums – 2014’s Dismantle & Rebuild and 2016’s Part Time Spies – Strangers is the sound of a band who have refined their craft through years of experience, experimenting with a breadth of styles to fully excavate their potential and discover exactly who they want to be. “The dynamics weren’t quite right. It takes time to learn that,” says guitarist Sam James of the band’s earlier work. “Now people see us live and they say suddenly it all comes together and makes sense to them.” It’s this new-found confidence, combined with their most masterful songwriting to date, that makesStrangers The Ramona Flowers’ strongest work yet.

Strangers will be released physically on June 1st and will includes the following tracks:

1. Strangers
2. Out Of Focus
3. Come Alive
4. Ghost
5. Dramatist
6. Same Sun
7. If You Remember
8.  Seeing Double
9. Venice
10. Numb Drunk
11. Supplement (Slide)