31 October 2018 | Blog

October 31 – November 6

Kyle Jenkins, frontman of Suicide Swans, Australian visual artist, musician, singer and songwriter is ready to release his debut solo record Meltdown on October 26th.

After releasing the first single “Wire” on Near Enough Records, Jenkins has  truly set off on a solo adventure, delivering his own journey of creating art and the conversation throughout the process of production. The  first song is a long rumination on what it is to be creative, to invent things to look at or listen to and to fill your world up with.

Recorded in By The Living Grace studios in BrisbaneMeltdown encompasses Jenkins’ thoughts on the underlying tension inherent in us all- the need to preserve and destroy everything we hold dear.

“Meltdown really didn’t come out of any great need to make a solo album. Rather it was about ruminations of the world that came from staying up late at night seeing all these horrible situations playing out in the world and feeling a deep seeded feeling of isolation, loneliness and sadness for what was happening” Kyle explains. “From there the album happened really organically where one song (and its narrative) documented one situation that then lead to the next and the next and so forth. The album is really about the tension between dusk and dawn – that fine edge of a moment when the day and night are at tension between each other. A feeling I seem to have as a person.”

If you’re no stranger to Kyle’s work, then the aptitude of creating a beautiful body of work is no surprise. Meltdown, is replete with an independent 12 tracks showcasing his impressive artisanship.