6 December 2019 | Blog

December 4 – December 10

If you’d listened to Seattle band Great Grandpa’s debut 2017 album Plastic Cough you’d be understandably mistaken for thinking that 2019’s Four of Arrows was released by an entirely different outfit. A grandiose departure from the Punk Rock flavoured debut release, the band’s sophomore album Four of Arrows takes a decidedly more Folk and Alt-Country approach; unashamedly wearing their influences on their sleeve, the quintet has released both an incredible follow up to their debut and one of the strongest releases in 2019.

Self described as Grunge Pop, Great Grandpa formed in 2014 and efficiently released their first EP a short year afterwards, only two years before the release of their debut LP: Plastic Cough. Riding high on industry acclaim and each other’s wholesome energy (see, any picture of the band circa 2018), the only thing that would serve to slow their energy down was life. As all 5 members quickly went from living under the same roof to living on different sides of the United States, Great Grandpa had to slow down as recording wasn’t as convenient anymore.

After another long two year wait, the band returned with their sophomore studio album Four of Arrows, a completely different direction for the band and sees them dabbling in styles you wouldn’t expect. The acts lead singer; Alex Menne, using her explosive, and enthralling voice to sing intelligent Indie Rock that fuses together elements of Emo, Pop Punk, Folk and Alt-Country to incredulous effect. The band around her provides gorgeous backing vocals whilst using a wide array of interesting, unexpected instrumentation such as Banjo, Cello and Violin as well as everything else you’d expect to hear on an album like this.

With immense, lush production and lyrical content strongly focused on the art of improving oneself, (and whether or not it is ever too late to do so) Four of Arrows is truly a triumphant record for both the band and whoever’s ears it graces.