22 October 2019 | Blog

October 23 – October 30

Adelaide natives Bad//Dreems have returned with their 3rd studio album Doomsday Ballet; a glorious mishmash of different styles and genres and have successfully broken out of the Aussie Pub Rock cliché so many bands are cornered into. The album immediately kicks off with the incredibly groovy Morning Rain; an uplifting Punk flavoured ballad carried by a constant, driving Bassline. The album takes a subtly political stance on a handful of tracks, namely: Piss Christ and Salad which tackle issues affecting not only the Australian political landscape, but that of the USA and wider globe very eloquently.

Following this, the band starts incorporating a number of different musical styles; the third track, Sonny, specifically using elements of Brit Pop, and later cuts like: Harry’s Station, Cannonball and Gallows, using elements of Alt-country and Shoegaze to great effect. Double Dreaming was one of singles leading up to the album; an absolute Punk Rock rager, this track marks a transitional point on Doomsday Ballet as for the next handful of songs, the tempo and tone are brought down and the band delivers a handful of much slower, low-key cuts, and impressively, delivers these tracks with as much energy and panache as the quicker, more upbeat tracks on the album.

Northern is one of the most powerful tracks on the album, as vocalist Ben Marwe paints a gorgeously depressing story of a young man on the run from his problems, the law and life. Backed by lush guitar tones and thick percussion, Marwe’s way of storytelling is not unlike that of other great Australian lyricists like Gareth Liddiard and Nick Cave. The closing track, Gallows features spacey, dissonant guitar tones, and a simple yet powerful drum line. The track slowly builds and the texture and tone thickens, finishing on uplifting gang vocals and roaring guitars and synths, Gallows is an incredibly apt finish to a fantastic album.

Doomsday Ballet is the band’s longest and most distinct album to date; pulling from a number of different influences to create an incredibly thoughtful, interesting and cohesive Alternative Rock album.