Welcome to the Triffid

7 October 2014 | Blog

I felt that Brisbane needed a venue around this size (800 capacity), as well as a place with a chilled out beer garden. I wanted going out to see live music to be a good night out in one place, rather than just popping in to to see a band. So I’ve worked hard to […] Read more

Ex-Powderfinger Bassist To Open New Venue

6 October 2014 | Press

Ex-Powderfinger bassist John “JC” Collins has revealed his plans to reinvigorate Brisbane’s once-vital city fringe by opening a new, 800-capacity venue in the inner-city suburb of Newstead. As The Courier-Mail reports, Collins’ venue – which he has called Triffid – is set to open this November, housed in one of the suburb’s historic World War II hangars, and its projected capacity is […] Read more

Powderfinger’s JC Discusses His New Live Venue

6 October 2014 | Press

With what has become an incredibly hostile climate for live music venues over the past few years, it seems increasingly risky to open a new venue, no matter what city you are in. It’s because of this reason that TMN spoke to John Collins, bassist for the now defunct Powderfinger, about his new live music venue in […] Read more